• Phantom No. 5 - Damascus Bushcraft Kukri blade knife.


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    Knife length: 12.25"

    Blade length: 6.5"

    Weighs approximately 500 grams

    Handle crafted from Black Micarta Scales

    Sheath crafted from genuine hand-stitched cowhide leather - custom made to fit

    This blade is hand forged with 1095 and 15N20 high and low carbon steel. It's upto 58 HRC on Rockwell Scale. Very Tough and Durable.

    *For All Shipping Outside of Canada and United States we require a phone number of the recipient for DHL express deliveries. Please include your contact number in the note section when placing your order*

    Note: The Damascus blades in our knives are all 100% Genuine and Hand-forged. When layers of steel are melted, hammered, twisted, cut, and re-melted and hammered - they're given a unique pattern unlike any other. This process is what allows each Damascus knife to be unique and one of a kind. None of our knives have the pattern printed on them. They're all products of hard work and craftsmanship backed by years of experience.

    We recommend regular maintenance/cleaning of all damascus blades with mineral or coconut oil. This prevents any rusts on the steel and will play a key role in your knife lasting a Lifetime

    Must be 18+ of Age for purchase.