Damascus Chef Knife Set (Walnut Wood) with Nakiri, Santoku & Chef Knife | Kitchen Cutlery Combo

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This set includes a Standard Chef Knife,
A Santoku Knife (An all purpose knife that can be used for slicing, dicing and mincing.)
and a Nakiri Knife (Vegetable Knife)

All three are 12 inches in total length with 6.5" blades

The Scales are crafted from black walnut wood which brings out a gorgeous unique pattern every time. We find these to compliment our Damascus Unique patterns best as no two will Ever be alike. With that in mind, leave some minor room for variations in the wood grain. The pins used on the scales are Stainless Steel.

Care and Maintenance:

Best place for storage are exposed magnet knife holders or anywhere that wouldn't absorb moisture from the Damascus Steel as it should be lubricated (with coconut or mineral oil) and kept that way for it to last a lifetime without any rust. Should Any surface rust appear due to negligence of care, it can easily be wiped off with a mixture of vinegar and lime and re-coated with mineral or coconut oil (best food-safe lubricants for damascus steel thus far)

Sharpening Should be done professionally using oil whetstones with 800 to 900 grit for sharpening, and 4k to 5k grit for polishing. If using any commercial knife sharpeners please ensure the angels are set to the right bevel matching the knife's existing edge to avoid any damage.

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