• Hawkbill X - Damascus Handmade Hawkbill Knife 6.5" (Solid Jigged Brass)

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    Knife length: 6.25"

    Blade length: 2.25" Hawkbill blade

    Weighs approximately 290 grams

    Handle crafted from Solid Jigged Brass (adds 120 grams to overall weight)

    Sheath crafted from genuine leather with belt loop in the back and a brass snap button closure

    This blade is hand forged with 1095 and 15N20 high and low carbon steel. It's upto 58 HRC on Rockwell Scale. Very Tough and Durable.

    **International Orders are fulfilled via DHL and buyers are required to submit their Phone Numbers in the Note section when placing an order. This Contact Information will only be used to fulfill your order and will not be shared with anyone else other than DHL strictly for shipping purposes only**

    Note: The Damascus blades in our knives are all 100% Genuine and Hand-forged. When layers of steel are melted, hammered, twisted, cut, and re-melted and hammered - they're given a unique pattern unlike any other. This process is what allows each Damascus knife to be unique and one of a kind. None of our knives have the pattern printed on them. They're all products of hard work and craftsmanship backed by years of experience. 

    We recommend regular maintenance/cleaning of all damascus blades with coconut or mineral oil. This prevents any rusts on the steel and will play a key role in your knife lasting a Lifetime 

    Must be 18+ of Age for purchase.